Did you see my new Note cards and Travel Mugs?

This has got me super excited.
I wanted to save this for later. But I can barely sit down as I type this.

If you've read my book, Ten Reminders for the Christian Unemployed, you will know there's a chapter called, "Steeped in Prayer." It compares a teabag in hot water, to a fervent soul in prayer.

So these came about, literally. And they're ideal as gifts for Lent or Easter.

 1. Note cards:

I haven't filled it with anything, you can write your own message. They come in two sizes, 4" x 6" and 5" x 7.5", depending on your choice. You can also order them as a set or pack.

You can fix this on a journal or a cover. Anywhere you think you could use a reminder, your office soft board, a laptop, I mean anywhere. They come in two sizes small (4" x 2.6") and medium (5.5" x 3.6".)

3. Mugs

You can order any of the three sizes and it's lovely having this message on your cup, literally. So standard, tall and travel. All three are available @ Redbubble.com. So let me know what you think, of the design and the product. I'd love to hear your opinion.


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