How to be a Top Reviewer on Goodreads?

Happy New Year 2017

I received extremely good news this week from Goodreads. I'm one of the top 45 reviewers in the country. Yoohoo! And I don't do any more reading than I normally do. So what changed?

Let me share my tips.

1. Sign up on Goodreads
Every author and reader has a Goodreads account. I'll tell you why. Once you sign up, and add books to your shelves and genres you like, you may find authors and publishers contacting you to send you free books. I had five books sent to me through the site and I'm sure if I signed up for giveaways and all that number would be far more. Psst, I read 72 books this year.

2. BookBub
Sign up at Bookbub. This is a trusted source for deals and FREE books. They send you a list of books depending on the frequency you choose and you will never run out of books. It's a more cost effective way, than searching for what you like, finding the price etc. This list is sent directly to your email.

3. Dedicate Reading time
If you're not going to set aside time, you will not read. For me, it's when I'm cooking, I'll listen to an audiobook or if I'm commuting on the train I read on my Kindle. So I've allocated time in my schedule to read. Look at your schedule, where can you fit in reading, on your daily walk, listen to an audiobook, or while on the treadmill, before bed, before dinner, with a glass of wine.

4. Size does matter. 
I seldom pick books over 80,000 words. All my friends know this. It's the same reason I've not read Tolkien, Gone with the Wind or other books around that length. Time is too precious and I'd rather pick award winning books that are somewhat shorter, so that I can read more. If you want to be a reviewer, quantity is important.

5. Write good reviews
I'll confess, I don't write good reviews. I write one paragraph on what I liked and didn't like about the book. I don't add lists or write my interpretation of the blurb. But I've seen many detailed reviews on Goodreads that spark conversation, debates and feedback. Most of them are long and very descriptive of what the reader liked or didn't like.

6. Review everything
Even if it's a short book, comic, anthology or a short, review everything you read. Writing a review serves two purposes. It helps the writer understand what he or she did wrong and helps them write a better book. It also helps other readers, decide whether this book is worth time spending over.
It also helps you as a reader. Publishers look at reviewers and send loads of freebies when they know you're a serious reader. This can be gift cards, book discounts, and signed copies.
So Happy Reading. May 2017 be your best year Ever!

Source: Condesign Pixabay


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